What’s The Difference Between Jersey Mike’s better and Subway?


History and experience, Subway and Jersey Mike’s have these under their sleeves. However, customers are still torn about which of the two has the better-tasting subs. 

If we base it on the American Heart Association’s decision, Subway offers healthier varieties. But does healthier mean better too?

To finally decide on this matter, we did a Jersey Mike’s vs Subway taste-testing to help us decide who has the better sub. 

The difference between Jersey Mike’s and Subway Sandwiches is mainly on flavor. Jersey Mike’s submarine sandwiches contain more ingredients compared to Subway. 

Though Jersey Mike costs around 30% more than Subway, their meats are higher quality which translates to better flavor.


However, Subway’s Subs has more grain wheat bread, green peppers, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and cucumbers. These sandwiches are certified healthier by the American Heart Association AHA.

Subway’s core products are its submarine sandwiches. They have 16 regular sandwiches and four flatbreads for breakfast. However, they allow their customers to customize their sandwiches. They also serve wraps, paninis, doughnuts, cookies, and pizzas. 

Jersey Mike’s also has their submarine sandwiches served “Mike’s Way.” They have 14 cold subs, 12 hot subs, sides, drinks, and desserts. They also have special kid’s meals prepared for the young ones. 


Subway subs’ footlong prices range from $5.50 to around $8.95, while their 6-inch subs range from about $3.75 to $5 each. Their flatbread menu ranges from $4 to around $5.50.

On the other hand, Jersey Mike’s has higher product prices. Their mini subs range from about $4.35 to around $5.00, while the regular subs range from around $5.45 to $7.00. Their biggest servings, called the giant subs, are priced from roughly $10.00 to around $12.00.


Jersey Mike’s restaurants are fresher and cleaner with very friendly staff compared to Subway. Both stores have dine-in and take-out services. These stores and their drive-through services still practice the traditional methods. 

Subway has acquired an online app where customers can place their orders. They are still given a chance to choose the contents of their subs or instructed to follow the picture shown on the store app. Jersey Mike’s app also provides the same online services.


The DeLuca family still owns Subway, and their headquarters is in Milford, Connecticut. The first store is located in the same state. Since it started in 1965, it has grown exponentially and now has approximately 39,821 locations worldwide as of 2021.

Jersey Mike’s headquarters, on the other hand, is located in Manasquan, New Jersey, which is also their first store. They cater to US and Canadian customers only and have around 2,100 stores based on their 2021 records.

Best Seller

The best-seller sub at Subway is their BMT (Biggest, Meatiest, Tastiest). The freshly baked bread is stacked with pepperoni, ham, and special Genoa salami. Customers are given the choice of vegetables and condiments. 

Jersey Mike’s Turkey and Provolone sub is at the top of their best-sellers list. Its main components are the delicious turkey breast that is additive-free and added with provolone cheese. 

Final Verdict 

Jersey Mike’s flavors won us over Subway’s. Despite the price difference and the wide array of choices offered by Subway, Jersey Mike’s is clearly the winner. The subs from Jersey Mike’s are thicker and meatier, and judging from the appearance of the subs we had, the meats are also juicier. 

Taste-wise, we can tell that the meats used with Jersey Mike’s are of higher quality. We are not saying all of their products won over Subways because the BMT is still very sumptuous for us. 

But we are judging based on the varieties we tasted and found consistency in Jersey Mike’s flavors. 

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