ZIPZ Wine Update – What Happened After Shark Tank?

In 2014, Andrew McMurray took ZIPZ to the  Shark Tank and secured the biggest deal in Shark Tank History of a  whopping $2.5 Million Dollars – but where is ZIPZ Wine now?

ZIPZ Wine (or ZIPZ Packaging Technologies) is a New Brunswick based packaging company that had the vision of creating portable, single-serving, packaged wines.

What Is ZIPZ Wine? – Before Shark Tank

The wines are packaged in a plastic vessel similar to a wine glass with a dual-function screw-top lid & coaster. The concept is simple: The consumer “zips” the packaging off the glass, unscrews the lid, attaches it to the bottom of the glass like a coaster and enjoys the wine.

In 2014, Andrew McMurray took the ZIPZ product to Shark Tank making a proposal for a $2.5 million dollar investment for 10% of ZIPZ.  This was a rather large investment that shocked the judges, but confidently, Andrew did a great job of marketing the product, showing off its sturdiness and precise design

ZIPZ Wine On Shark Tank

After Shark Tank, Kevin O’Leary was ready for ZIPZ to take the world  by storm. He partnered with his own company, O’Leary Fine Wines, to use  their technology to make this product a hit.

ZIPZ Update – Where is Zipz Wine Now After Shark Tank?

No, unfortunately, ZIPZ did not make it to Costco – and are currently out of the winemaking business. For a short period of time, you were able to purchase ZIPZ wine on websites like Amazon and in stores, but since leaving the winemaking business, you can only license their packages.

Where to buy ZIPZ Wine – Did ZIPZ Wine Make It To Costco?

Just how successful the packaging approach turned out to be is unclear, but it appears the business didn't last. Shark Tank Tales say that 2019 marked "the last of Zipz Marketing efforts." The Zipz website was reportedly dormant as of 2021.