Trader Joe’s Dry Roasted and Unsalted Oregon Hazelnuts


Today’s review is of Trader Joe’s Dry Roasted and Unsalted Oregon Hazelnuts. You’ll find them with the other nuts…that part was probably self-explanatory. But really, there are so many nuts to choose from at Trader Joe’s that you have to stop and look!

You’ll get a full 1 pound of dry roasted and unsalted hazelnuts packaged in a resealable bag. Compare that to what you might find in a regular grocery store…it’s a lot of hazelnuts! 

The hazelnut skins are partially rubbed off. If you’ve ever done this at home, you know how hard it is to do. Eating hazelnut skins is perfectly ok, even in recipes. 

Are Hazelnuts Healthy? 

Hazelnuts are a good source of plant protein, omega-3s, and other antioxidants. According to WebMD, hazelnuts contain manganese superoxide dismutase and “are a key source of proanthocyanidins,” both of which may help reduce the risk of cancer. They’re also a good source of Vitamin E. 

So yeah, I’d call that healthy. 

Trader Joe’s Dry Roasted and Unsalted Oregon Hazelnuts Review

REVIEW (Bridget): I can’t get enough of these! The fact that Trader Joe’s hazelnuts are already dry-roasted and unsalted makes them perfect for snacking and recipes.

They’re delightfully crunchy with a satisfying bite, and the roasting brings out that gorgeous hazelnut flavor. I’m not sure why I’m just getting around to reviewing these because I buy them on the regular. I keep the bag sealed in the freezer and don’t bother to thaw before using. I most frequently use them to top yogurt or smoothie bowls, but they are stellar in some of my favorite hazelnut recipes like…

  • baci di dama cookies
  • chocolate hazelnut caramel ice cream pie
  • hazelnut macarons
  • queenies cookies

Overall rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Trader Joe’s Dry Roasted and Unsalted Oregon Hazelnuts: For snacking and baking, these are a winner! Add them to your TJ’s list right now!

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