The Best Way to Store Coffee To Keep It Fresh

The Best Way to Store Coffee To Keep It Fresh

The best way to store coffee for the ultimate freshness is just as important as that first cup in the morning. Nothing is worse than going in for that first sip only to be disappointed with the taste and flavour.

Yes — you can store coffee to keep the freshness going for weeks or months after the purchase, but how do you do that?

Here are our top tips for keeping coffee fresh and the best ways to store it.

There are four main enemies to keeping coffee fresh and those are

  • air
  • moisture
  • light
  • extreme heat or cold

Keeping coffee in the window or next to the stove, for example, where it will be exposed to sunlight and possibly heat from an oven, is never a good idea.

Freezing Coffee

You can freeze whole beans for up to a month, provided you’re not taking them out during that period. If you freeze them, be sure to remove the frozen beans and allow them to thaw before using them.

Then, make sure to grind and brew within two weeks so that you can ensure your coffee is fresh from the first sip to the last. If you purchase a larger amount of beans, be sure to break it down into smaller portions and freeze in airtight bags.

You never want to freeze fresh ground coffee in the freezer. When you freeze the coffee you use every day, the fluctuating temperatures create moisture in the packet, which can leave your morning cup tasting like cardboard.

Air Tight Containers are a Must

If you really want to ensure the freshness of your coffee, the best way to do that is by using an airtight container. There are many affordable airtight containers out there that will do the trick.

The best containers will protect the beans or ground coffee from moisture, temperature extremes, and excessive light. Coffee, whether it is in bean form or ground can quickly lose its flavour if exposed to these elements.

The best container to store coffee in should be glass or ceramic, as they add nothing to the taste, although stainless steel can also work well. The most important thing to remember is that your coffee container must have an effective seal.

A Dark, Cool Place is Best

Once you choose the type of air-tight container you will use to store your coffee, the next step is to find the perfect spot to store it.

Most of us choose to store our coffee out in the open and close to hand, but in order to ensure freshness, store your coffee away from air, moisture, and sources of light and heat.

And Finally

If you want to make sure your coffee stays fresh from start to finish, you need to make sure to store coffee in the best possible way. I hope these tips help you to find the perfect way to store your next bag of speciality coffee.

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