The Best Easter Food in Every State


When you think of springtime and Easter, what foods come to mind? Hand-painted Easter eggs, maybe a spiral ham and some potato salad? Easter isn’t one of the biggest food holidays of the year—Thanksgiving has a hold on that title—but it’s still a time for eating food that’s a little more special than your everyday fare. Whether you’re cooking roast lamb or stuffing plastic eggs with candy, Easter has plenty of food traditions of its own.

But have you ever wondered whether there are regional factors at play when it comes to Easter food? Are people in, say, California, celebrating the holiday differently from those in the Midwest? We were determined to find out! So when Zippia shared its report on “each state’s favorite Easter treat,” we were intrigued. The jobs website looked at Google Trends data to figure out which states preferred candy and which ones were more likely to stick with traditional hard-boiled eggs.

Methodology: “We defined Easter treats as treats that peak in search volume around Easter. From there, we determined what treat is searched a disproportionately, high amount in each state,” Zippia explains in the report. “For example, while New York eats all the candies the rest of the country does, the search interest in ‘Kinder Easter Eggs’ is disproportionately higher than the remaining states—making ‘Kinder Easter Eggs’ more popular in New York than anywhere else.” Zippia collected the Google trends data during a two-week period in the Easter 2020 time frame.

Keep reading to find your state’s top Easter food. Do you agree with the results?

ALABAMA: Chocolate Bunnies

Alabama keeps its Easter baskets traditional with chocolate bunnies. No shame in their game!

ALASKA: Boiled Eggs

If you’re looking to enter an Easter egg-decorating contest, Alaska is just the place for you.

ARIZONA: Boiled Eggs

Arizona joins Alaska in its love for boiled eggs, preferably dyed pretty pastel colors.

ARKANSAS: Starburst Jelly Beans

Forget regular jelly beans. Arkansas is all about that chewy Starburst life.

CALIFORNIA: Caramel Eggs

Why eat a hollow chocolate egg when you could chomp on a caramel-filled one instead?

COLORADO: Boiled Eggs

Coloradoans can’t resist a decorated Easter egg, and who can blame them?

CONNECTICUT: Chocolate Bunnies

Connecticut residents’ Easter baskets are stuffed with chocolate bunnies with care.


Love them or hate them, Peeps are everywhere when spring comes around.

FLORIDA: Caramel Eggs

Let’s hope those caramel eggs aren’t melting in the Florida sun.

GEORGIA: Jelly Beans

Georgians know that jelly beans are just as good as chocolate candy.

HAWAII: Chocolate Bunnies

Hawaii doesn’t want to mess with a classic, and that classic is the chocolate Easter bunny.

IDAHO: Peeps

The only question here is whether Idaho residents will also love the Peeps-Pepsi soda.

ILLINOIS: White Chocolate Eggs

Whether or not it’s “real” chocolate, white chocolate is the preferred Easter candy of choice for Illinois residents.

INDIANA: Boiled Eggs

We hope Indiana residents know the absolute best way to hard-boil eggs.

IOWA: Starburst Jelly Beans

Starburst’s fans are devoted, and they won’t settle for regular jelly beans in their Easter baskets.

KANSAS: Jelly Beans

Kansans are happy to fill those plastic Easter eggs with traditional jelly beans.

KENTUCKY: Jelly Beans

Kentucky residents have a soft spot for jelly beans come Eastertime, too.

LOUISIANA: Cadbury Creme Egg

Forget caramel eggs—Louisiana is all about that classic Cadbury creme egg.

MAINE: Peeps

Scoff all you want, but Maine residents aren’t afraid to share their love for Peeps.

MARYLAND: Boiled Eggs

Maryland residents are on the right track with their love of eggs—here are 17 Surprising Side Effects Of Eating Eggs Every Day.


These sugar-coated marshmallow treats are a delicacy in Massachusetts.

MICHIGAN: SweeTART Jelly Beans

Now, we’re getting to the good stuff. Michigan will happily bypass regular jellybeans and the Starburst variety in favor of the SweeTARTS version.

MINNESOTA: Boiled Eggs

Minnesotans like to have a little fun decorating hard-boiled eggs for Easter.

MISSISSIPPI: Cadbury Creme Egg

The ultimate Easter basket staple, the Cadbury Creme Egg, strikes again.

MISSOURI: Starburst Jelly Beans

Don’t even try to put regular jelly beans in an Easter basket in Missouri.

MONTANA: Cadbury Creme Egg

Who can resist that chewy center?

NEBRASKA: Boiled Eggs

Prefer soft-boiled eggs to hard-cooked ones? Here’s How To Make the Jammiest Soft-Boiled Eggs.


Julie Clopper/Shutterstock

We just can’t seem to escape these chick-shaped monstrosities.


Ilton Rogerio de Souza/Shutterstock

In case you’ve wondered

NEW JERSEY: Boiled Eggs


In the egg-decorating mood?

NEW MEXICO: Boiled Eggs

Tiplyashina Evgeniya/Shutterstock

So, you’ve boiled and decorated your Easter eggs. Now what?

NEW YORK: Kinder Easter Eggs


New Yorkers are never ones for following the crowd, so it’s no surprise that the more niche Kinder Easter eggs have a special popularity in the Big Apple.


The Old North State has a soft spot for marshmallow Peeps.


North Dakotans know the value of a good Easter egg decorating contest.

OHIO: Starburst Jelly Beans

Don’t show up to an Easter gathering in Ohio with regular jelly beans! Only Starburst jelly beans will do.


Did you know there are Hot Tamales flavored Peeps, too?

OREGON: Chocolate Bunnies

If you really want to celebrate Easter in style, go for a solid chocolate bunny instead of a hollow one.

PENNSYLVANIA: White Chocolate Eggs

White chocolate eggs may not be the most traditional, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t delicious.


Rhode Island is another state where Peeps reign supreme.

SOUTH CAROLINA: Chocolate Bunnies

They’re always watching you, until you bite their heads off.

SOUTH DAKOTA: Cadbury Eggs

No Easter basket in South Dakota is complete without a Cadbury egg.

TENNESSEE: Starburst Jelly Beans

Somehow, making jelly beans out of this chewy candy just works.

TEXAS: White Chocolate Eggs

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the state’s love for white chocolate Easter eggs.

UTAH: Boiled Eggs

Utah residents are sure to hard boil eggs before decorating them for Easter.

VERMONT: Boiled Eggs

Vermont residents know that hard-boiled, decorated eggs make a perfect Easter breakfast.

VIRGINIA: Chocolate Bunnies

Virginia is another state that marks the Easter season by chomping on bunny-shaped chocolate.


Don’t forget the egg dyeing kit!


Jelly beans are all the rage in West Virginia.

WISCONSIN: Boiled Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs and Wisconsin cheese make a delicious pair.

WYOMING: Mini Eggs

Wyoming was the only state that specifically searched for “mini eggs.” Aw!

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