Panda Express Secret Menu (with pictures)


Looking for Chinese cuisine in America? Head to Panda Express. Its menu features some delectable items like orange chicken, Beijing-style beef and broccoli, and a Panda Express secret menu!

Panda Express’s secret menu is worthwhile if you are a fan of this chain. While this menu is less extensive than other restaurants’ secret menus, it has something different to offer. 

At Panda Express, you can also customize your order by choosing exactly what you want. You can make your meal light and healthy and even add extra protein or veggies.  

Without further ado, check out Panda Express’ secret menu to try them out on your next visit.

Panda Express Secret Menu

Panda Express’ secret menu may be a little less extensive, but it has some good options. You have a secret rice dish, a twist on the orange chicken, and more!

1. Brown Rice

Panda Express Brown rice

Panda Express offers white fried rice or steamed rice as a part of the bowl or an entree meal. But with more health-conscious consumer choices, the food chain has also added the option of ordering brown rice. 

While steamed rice and fried rice remain a Panda Express menu staple, brown rice is also available on customer request. 

It isn’t just a healthy option to choose from in your meals, but brown rice also brings earthy and nutty flavors to the table that pairs well with other items on their menu.

2. Orange Chicken With Bacon

Panda Express Orange Chicken With Bacon

Panda Express’ orange chicken is extremely popular for its sweet and spicy flavors. But I have great news for bacon lovers. You can also add bacon to the famous orange chicken to enjoy the best of both worlds.  

Panda Express locations, which have a large footfall, already have this item as a part of their menu. But you can ask them to create this dish in other locations too!

3. Handcrafted Tea

Panda Express Handcrafted Tea

Here is something new. Panda Express also has refreshing Asian-inspired handmade specialty drinks in some locations, including the Panda Tea Bar.

The Tea Bar is slowly becoming famous with the “Drink It, Share It’ campaign on Twitter.

At these locations, you can have milk tea, fruit tea, specialty coffee, lemonade shakes, or a custom choice where boba juice, milk, and tea leaves are freshly brewed and combined.

You can also include boba and aloe vera pudding, chia seeds, and jelly in your drink.

4. Bone-In Slow-Cooked Ribs

Panda Express Bone-In Slow-Cooked Ribs

If you have been missing ribs at Panda Express, you have a reason to rejoice. Panda Express’ secret menu offers you bone-in slow-cooked ribs. 

The company used American slow-cooking techniques and Chinese flavors to make this delicious item. Order yours now! 


At Panda Express, you can enjoy some lesser-known items that belong to the secret menu. These items are limited in number but taste delicious.

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