New Starbucks Cups 2023: merchandise to brighten the new year


Starbucks is ringing in the new year with a new selection of winter-inspired drinkware in pretty pastels and fresh florals to brighten up the season. From cold cups, tumblers, hot cups, and more, these winter essentials are available at participating Starbucks stores in the U.S. for a limited time, while supplies last.

Don’t forget, Starbucks® Rewards members who bring a clean, personal reusable cup into participating cafés will earn 25 Stars in addition to 10 cents off their beverage.*  

1. Green Meadow Cold Cup (24 oz) 

The sunny pop of color in this soft-touch tumbler will brighten up any cold winter day. 

Price: $22.95**

2. Magnolia Flower Tumbler (20 oz) 

A little floral flair for those cozy winter mornings.

Price: $19.95** 

3. Winter Gradient Tumbler (16 oz) 

Start the day with this pastel gradient tumbler, reminiscent of the sunrise on a snowy morning.

Price: $24.95** 

4. Snowdrop Cold Cup (24 oz)

Like the first snowdrop blooms peeking through the snowy ground, this cold cup brings a refreshing vibe to every daily beverage. 

Price: $27.95** 

5. Periwinkle Gradient Tumbler (20 oz)

The perfect icy-metallic tumbler for any on-to-go adventure this winter season.  

Price: $29.95** 

6. Snowdrop Tumbler (8 oz) 

Beat the cold winter mornings with this pretty, flowered tumbler to accompany any hot beverage. 

Price: $18.95** 

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