Mcdonald’s Christmas Menu


With jingle bells and cheer, the time has arrived to enjoy your favorite McDonald’s Christmas menu. It brings delightful new burgers, sides, and desserts. 

Mcdonald’s Christmas menu includes two delectable burgers, Cheese Melt Dippers, McDonald’s NEW Celebrations McFlurry, and Festive Pie. McDonald’s has also introduced a special Christmas item on its breakfast menu, Mighty McMuffin, to delight all hungry diners.

Check out the exciting McDonald’s Christmas menu items and their prices and make merry this season. The Christmas menu at McDonald’s will be available from November 23 onwards for six weeks.

McDonald’s Christmas Menu Specials

Mcdonald's Christmas Menu

I always look forward to McDonald’s’ Christmas or holiday season menu. It has some of the best-tasting beverages to warm us up on cold winter days and delectable burgers to munch on. Like every year, this fast-food chain is living up to our expectations with its divine menu. Let’s check it out.

1. Mighty McMuffin

You can wake up to mornings made extra special by McDonald’s by indulging in a mighty McMuffin. This breakfast menu includes sausage, egg, bacon, cheese, and ketchup or brown sauce.

This holiday season introduction is a super-sized delight that comes with generous filling.   

2. The Big Tasty 

The Big Tasty is here to satisfy the big hunger. This McDonald’s Christmas item features a 100% beef patty with a slice of Emmental cheese.

The meat and cheese flavors are balanced with fresh onions and tomato sandwiched between a toasted bun. You also have the option to add smokey bacon. 

3. Mc Crispy

Let’s just say that the gods of crispy chicken have answered your prayers. Mcdonald’s McCrispy features a crunchy chicken breast filet marinated in black pepper and cayenne. It is topped with crisp iceberg lettuce and a creamy black pepper mayo sandwiched between a sourdough sesame-topped bun.

4. Cheese Melt Dippers

If you love your cheese and can’t do without it, then McDonald’s has a special item ready on its menu for you. You get four breaded camembert bites served alongside a tangy tomato dip when you order this item.

You can also get a share box of 15. 

5. McFlurry

To cool things off, McDonald’s returns its favorite McFlurry. I’m sure you can wait to dig into it upon hearing the ingredient list. 

McDonald’s favorite McFlurry features soft dairy ice cream swirled with delicious Maltesers clusters, Galaxy chocolate drops, Caramel pieces, Mars Nuggets, and Twix biscuits. It doesn’t stop here.

This dessert is topped with milk chocolate sauce. 

6. Festive Pie

You can also satiate your sweet and savory craving by biting into McDonald’s festive pie. This pie comes with a crispy crust holding delicious custard and mincemeat inside it.

How To Order McDonald’s Christmas Specials

After reading all the items introduced by McDonald’s for Christmas this year, you must be waiting to get your hand on them. To do so, you can head to any McDonald’s outlet near you or place your order on their official website. 

Similar Restaurants Offering A Holiday Menu

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  5. Dairy Queen – Dairy Queen is known for its soft serves and various other frozen treats. Keeping that in mind, they have launched a holiday menu with some delicious options for blizzards and more! 
  6. Red Lobster – Who said no one would crave seafood during the holiday season? For the freshest seafood ever, is there even a better place than Red Lobster? This chain has a number of feasts that have been added on their holiday menu, perfect for any sort of appetite! 
  7. Boston Market – Boston Market for the holiday season has a number of precooked meals, curated with perfection. Whether it is entire meals you are looking for or just sides, everything can be found at Boston Market! 
  8. Honey Baked Ham – No one does ham better than Honey Baked Ham and this chain has specials that include not just ham, but a lot more! Their holiday menu is truly vast and perfect for the season. 
  9. Cracker Barrel – Cracker Barrel, for the holiday season, has a number of specials on their holiday menu. These consist of a number of heat and serve options, which you should surely check out! 
  10. Piccadilly – Piccadilly Restaurants, known for their massive meals, have a special curated holiday menu, which includes a lot of ready to eat options. Now, you can enjoy a Christmas feast while also getting the well deserved rest that you need! 


McDonald’s is launching its Christmas menu on November 23. The menu includes delectable burger options, sides, and desserts. 


Is McDonald’s launching a Christmas menu?

Yes, McDonald’s is launching a new Christmas menu on November 23, 2022.

What Does McDonald’s Christmas Menu include?

McDonald’s Christmas menu includes three new burgers, two sides, and a dessert.

For how long will McDonald’s Christmas menu be available?

McDonald’s Christmas menu will be available for six weeks, starting November 23.

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