Kielbasa with Cabbage & Apple


In the fall, there’s nothing better than the classic combination of cabbage and apples. In this easy-to-make recipe, kielbasa is cooked right alongside everything else to make for an entire meal. Serve this up on a cool fall evening, and everyone will be super happy!

Are you ready for a perfect weeknight fall recipe?

Some nights are simply about getting food on the table. Time is of the essence during the week, and some days, we need quick and easy food that’s still satisfying. As autumn approaches, the cooler evenings become dark earlier, and warmer flavors are an easy switch.

Enter this cabbage and kielbasa recipe. Cabbage is a terrific seasonal vegetable. The heads grow best in cooler weather and have both a spring and fall growing season. Savoy cabbage, particularly, has crinkly leaves and retains a good texture once cooked. A few spices add a little zest, and along with apple cider vinegar, create a sweet and sour cabbage.

For a meal, kielbasa is roasted on top of the cabbage. The smoky sausage has a big flavor impact that pairs well with cabbage and apple. The two are a perfect pairing for a weeknight meal that is not lacking in flavor.

Everything you’ll need to make this recipe.

The ingredients in this recipe are truly based on the idea of what’s ready in the fall. For most, that means cabbage, apples, and some type of sausage. In this recipe, all three of those items come into play, with a few additional spices. Here are some of the important ingredients:

  • Kielbasa is a smoked sausage, usually formed into horseshoe-shaped logs. Since it’s smoked, it’s already cooked and simply takes some browning to add more flavor. This smokiness blends seamlessly with cabbage.
  • Cabbage can be cooked and still maintain a crisp-tender texture. Choose any cabbage you can easily find. If you need a recommendation, Savoy cabbage maintains the best texture.
  • Apple is an easy way to add some sweetness to the cabbage but in a seasonal way. Any apple that’s perfect for eating will be great in this recipe.
  • Mustard seed has a subtle flavor. Once cooked, the seeds become soft and almost sweet.
  • Caraway seed is traditional in German sauerkraut and gives a deeper, more seasonal flavor.

Here’s how to make this recipe.

The process of making this meal is very simple, and the best part is that it’s all made in one skillet. Even the browning at the end can be done in an oven-safe skillet. Here is how to make this recipe:

  1. Brown the kielbasa. Make small slices in the kielbasa, approximately every inch, making sure not to slice all the way through. This will provide some additional surface area for browning while keeping the kielbasa one long piece. To a warm oven-safe skillet, add the kielbasa. After three to four minutes, flip the kielbasa to brown on the other side. Once browned slightly, remove the kielbasa from the skillet and set it aside.

Brown the onions. Place the butter in the skillet that was used to brown the kielbasa and allow it to melt. Slice the onion, cutting with the grain. Place the onion in the skillet with the melted butter and allow them to brown. Once slightly browned, add in the salt, black pepper, mustard seed, caraway seed, and Dijon mustard. Stir in the spices and allow the onions to continue to brown.

Add the cabbage. Roughly slice up the cabbage into thin strips. Add the sliced cabbage to the onion mixture on the stove. Allow the cabbage to wilt slightly in the heat.

Add the vinegar and apple. To the slightly wilted cabbage, add the apple cider vinegar. Then slice up the apple into small slices and add right on top of the cabbage. Place a lid over the top of the skillet to trap in the heat and cause the cabbage and apples to steam. Stir the mixture a few times to ensure none of the cabbage is getting burnt along the bottom of the skillet.

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