How to order from Walmart: A step-by-step guide


Let’s talk about how to order from Walmart. It’s pretty simple, so let’s walk through the steps:

  1. Go to the Wallmart website
  2. Start the process one of several ways:
    — A drop-down menu on the left says “How do you want your items” and gets you to choose “shipping,” “pickup” or “delivery.”
    — A button on the right gives you the option to sign in, if you have a Walmart account or to create an account.
    — The top bar has choices for Departments or Services, where you can pick what you want to order.
  3. You can also simply find an item and click “add to cart.” Items will allow you to choose whether they are available for pickup or delivery.
  4. The delivery from store button includes a link to “check eligibility,” where you will enter your zip code to find if you can get delivery.

Once you’re done selecting your items, click the “cart” button – it looks like a shopping cart.

You will find the items in your cart and a button that says “continue to checkout.” You will pay for items, choose delivery times, and more (find details on that below).

After you have done several orders, you can choose to reorder items from previous shopping “trips,” create lists and check registries.

Here’s another way to shop:

  1. Download the Walmart delivery app on the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Use it to order groceries and schedule deliveries.
  3. Use the Easy Reorder function for those favorite items you often buy.
  4. Use the Mobile Check-in feature to save time when you decide to pick up your order. You get a notification that your order is ready for pickup. You tap “I’m on my way” on the app, and a staff member prepares your order so you won’t have to wait.
  5. Get savings notifications on the app.
  6. Find Walmart flyers on the app.

Be sure to check eligibility, as you won’t be able to order online and get Walmart delivery or in-store pickup everywhere in the United States. 

How to book a time for my Walmart order 

When ordering from your store, you can also book a delivery time that works for you.

Here are the steps to use on the Wallmart website:

  1. Choose a delivery time, in one-hour windows, that’s convenient for you. 
  2. Add products to your cart, including fresh groceries.
  3. Your items will be delivered in the time slot you chose.

Walmart ship to store pick up

Online shopping delivery isn’t the only trend that has increased in recent years.

Curbside pickup or “click and collect” has also increased in popularity.

With this form of buying, you shop online and then pick the items up at the store.

Walmart has over 4,700 stores in the US and offers curbside pickup at more than 3,700 of them.

And they have a corner on the market.

In fact, one in every four dollars spent in the United States in 2021 through curbside pickup or by shopping in stores went to Walmart.

Plus, Walmart stores grabbed 25.4 percent of all US click-and-collect orders.


So it’s likely that you’ll need to use Walmart to pick up your groceries at some point. It’s unavoidable.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to the Walmart website or use the Walmart delivery app.
  2. Go to the drop-down menu on the left or the selection on the app that reads: “How do you want your items?”
  3. Choose “Pickup.”
  4. Make your selection of either Curbside Pickup or In-store Pickup (or both).
  5. Go to checkout. You must sign in to your Walmart account or create an account.
  6. You can choose a time to pick the order up.

You can get your order as fast as the same day, (within four hours of the time you order). If you order after 4 pm, you’ll be able to pick it up the next day.

You’ll either get an email when it’s ready, sign up for text notifications, or get notified on the app.

There’s no charge for the pickup of items you buy. Check your area to find if it’s available at your local store.

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