How much G FUEL per day?


G FUEL is a sugar-free, performance-driven alternative to standard energy drinks created by Gamma Labs. As The Official Energy Drink of Esports®, G FUEL is formulated with gamers and gaming in mind to help boost energy, focus endurance, and reaction time.  

Each serving of Energy Formula powder contains 140 mg of caffeine and is focus amino-fortified, packed with antioxidants, and vitamin-fortified with Vitamins C + E + B12 + B6. 

In addition to its 40-serving Energy Formula Tubs – which debuted in 2012 – G FUEL has expanded its product line to include 16 oz Energy Drink Cans caffeine-free 30-serving Hydration Formula Tubs and 17 oz Sparkling Hydration Bottles.

How much G FUEL per day?

Starting out with one serving a day to see how it feels, and then increasing from there based on how much energy you need. For our 300 mg canned products, we recommend you do not exceed one serving per day.

G Fuel Nutrition Facts

Just to give you a quick overview, check this table below. I’ve listed here the contents you’ll get from a single scoop of G Fuel along with the amount in the canned version. 

G FuelTypical Values per Standard Serving (7g)16 fl oz.
Energy25 calories0 calories
Fat (Of which Saturated)0g
0g (0g)
Carbohydrate (Of which Sugars)5g
Vitamin C250mg4mg
Vitamin E15IU (International Units)
Vitamin B3 (Niacin)45mg4mg
Vitamin B610mg0.4mg
Vitamin B12425μg0.6µg
Vitamin C45mg

What Happens If I Drink G Fuel Every Day?

Of course, you’ll experience physical improvement and enhanced focus every day. Not to forget the antioxidants that can strengthen your immune system and improve your memory. 

While I think one serving is safe every day, if you’re not used to it, your body might suffer from caffeine withdrawal. This takes effect for the next 12-24 hours, especially if you’re used to taking caffeinated drinks.

That said, if you’re going for the canned version, you should consume it once in a few days only since it has higher caffeine content.


G Fuel has only a few calories and doesn’t contain any sugar making it a good energy drink for your everyday tasks. Just remember to limit yourself to one scoop a day. Besides, its 150mg caffeine content per scoop is pretty decent compared to other energy drinks. 

That said, the caffeine content is pretty concerning if you plan to drink the G Fuel canned version. More so if you’re not used to drinking that amount of caffeine regularly.

That’s why always make sure to read the label of a serving carefully. Remember to check the number of maximum scoops per serving as well. 

That’s for your safety. Lucky for you, energy drinks makers make that a priority!

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