10 Hottest Takis Flavors – Ranked


Takis is the most well-known brand of Barcel USA, the U.S. snack division of Grupo Bimbo, the world’s largest baking company with operations in 33 countries. 

Takis invented medium-thick tortilla chips rolled into small cylinders in 1999. Because of its strong Mexican flavor, it has quickly become synonymous with spicy snacks in the United States, Canada, and other markets.

How much is Takis Crisps?

Takis branches out beyond their well-known spicy rolled tortilla chips and other snacks to launch new Takis Crisps, which are flavored, potato crisps similar to Pringles.

Like Pringles, Takis Crisps features a curved, stackable shape and come in a cylindrical container.

At launch, Takis Crisps come in Takis’ signature chili-lime Fuego flavor. You can find them in stores nationwide in both 2-oz and 5.5-oz containers with a suggested price of $1.19 and $1.69, respectively.

How many Takis is it safe to eat?

We assure you that Takis are safe to eat, but should be enjoyed in moderation as part of a well-balanced diet. Takis ingredients fully comply with U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations and all of the ingredients in each flavor are listed in detail on the label. Moderation is key Keep in mind that 1 ounce (28 grams) is considered a single serving of Takis. This equals approximately 12 pieces. 

Hottest Takis Flavors Ranked 

Here are the hottest Takis flavors ranked from extremely hot to mild. 

RankProductHeat LevelFlavor
1.Takis FuegoExtremeHot chili pepper and lime
2.Takis Blue HeatExtremeHot chili pepper
3.Takis NitroExtremeHabanero and lime
4.Takis XplosionVery hotCheese and chili pepper
5.Takis Nacho XplosionHotZesty nacho
6.Takis Crunchy FajitasMildFajita
7.Takis GuacamoleMildGuacamole
8.Takis WildHotWild

1. Takis Fuego 

Takis Fuego is said to be the hottest Takis flavor. This is also the mainstay of the brand.

Many Takis flavors come and go but Fuego is always there and is widely available. 

According to the brand, Fuego is extremely hot. It is said to be between 30,000-50,000 units on the Scoville scale, which is as hot as cayenne and tabasco peppers. 

Fuego is flavored with hot chili pepper and lime. You are not only getting intense fiery flavor but also some zestiness from the lime. 

A serving of Takis Fuego contains 150 calories and only 8 grams of fat. But this Takis flavor is rather high in sodium – 420 mg per 28-gram serving.

2. Takis Blue Heat

Blue Heat is another one of the spiciest Takis flavors.

When it comes to the level of spiciness, Blue Heat is very comparable to Fuego as both are claimed to be extremely hot. But some people note that Blue Heat isn’t as hot as Fuego. 

Unlike Fuego, Takis Blue Heat is flavored with only hot chili pepper – a lot of chili pepper.

There is no lime in Takis Blue heat which is why you experience a hot aftertaste with lots of chili flavor. 

Similar to Takis Fuego, Blue Heat contains 150 calories per serving. But Blue Heat is considerably low in sodium – 180 mg per serving (28 grams). 

3. Takis Nitro

If you are looking for Takis flavor that is very hot but not as hot as Fuego and Blue Heat, then Takis Nitro is what you should get. 

While the manufacturer claims that Takis Nitro is extreme in terms of spiciness just like Fuego, people find it to be less hot. 

These rolled tortilla chips are flavored with habanero and lime. They taste not only spicy but also somewhat sweet with a zesty kick from the lime. 

There is 270 mg of sodium in a 28-gram serving of Takis Nitro. 

4. Takis Xplosion 

Takis Xplosion is another popular Takis flavor. It is less hot than Takis Fuego, Blue Heat, and Nitro.

If you find the above mentioned flavors to be too spicy for your liking, try this classic Xplosion flavor. 

Takis Xplosion is flavored with cheese and chili pepper. This makes them perfect for people who like cheesy snacks with some heat. 

A 30-gram serving of Takis Xplosion contains 170 calories and 200 mg of sodium. 

5. Takis Nacho Xplosion 

Takis Nacho Xplosion is a combination of two of your favorite snacks – crispy tortilla chips and nachos.

Inspired by the popular Mexican food, Takis Nacho Xplosion is truly an explosion of all kinds of Mexican flavors. These nacho-flavored chips are cheesy and hot. 

As the heat is slightly toned down in Takis Nacho Xplosion, the cheesy flavor is brighter and more intense. 

You can serve these Takis Nacho Xplosion chips with your favorite cheese sauce as a snack or an appetizer. 

A 47-gram serving of Takis Nacho Xplosion chips contains 250 calories and 260 mg of sodium. 

6. Takis Crunchy Fajitas 

If you like spicy snacks but nothing so spicy as to make you tear up, then we recommend you give a try to Takis Crunchy Fajitas. 

If you are a fan of Tex-Mex cuisine, you surely know what fajitas are.

Fajitas consist of grilled meat, bell pepper, and onion served on corn tortillas. Various Mexican spices are used to give fajita its characteristic flavor. 

Each rolled tortilla you get in a bag of Takis Crunchy Fajitas is packed with Mexican flavor and some heat. You can feel cheese, cumin, chili pepper, and paprika notes followed by a mild spicy flavor. 

A 28-gram serving of Crunchy Fajitas contains 150 calories and 220 mg of sodium. 

7. Takis Guacamole

Another mildly spicy Takis you can get is Takis Guacamole.

This is one of the few Takis flavors that features crunchy tortillas that are not bright orange or red but green.

If you like Takis crunchy tortillas and you also love guacamole, then you will surely enjoy this amazing combination.

As Takis Guacamole is low on the Takis heat scale, you can clearly feel the Mexican guacamole flavor in it. People note that these spicy guacamole chips are also slightly smoky and a little zesty from the lime. 

A 28-gram serving of Takis Guacamole contains 250 calories and 210 mg of sodium.

8. Takis Wild

This is a milder version of Takis in the exciting Buffalo Ranch flavor. It’s perfect for people who don’t like or can’t eat the original ones. If you like spicy, then you will be disappointed with these.

Aside from the missing spiciness, it’s coated with less seasoning. The result is a light taste, not a strong one.

Most people don’t like the bag, but the heat is fairly strong and will stay around quite a while in the lingering aftertaste.

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