Costco Swiss Delice Prestige Assorted Chocolates Review, Price,

Costco Swiss Delice Prestige Assorted Chocolates

Costco has a large selection of chocolates around the holiday season, and it can be hard to choose the right one for you! These Swiss Delice Prestige Assorted Chocolates look elegant, plus Swiss chocolates are world famous for their quality. Somewhat surprisingly though, these are actually one of the cheaper boxes of chocolates that Costco sells. Are they a good buy, or is it worth paying up for one of the more premium boxes of chocolates?

Costco carries so many different boxes of chocolates that I struggle to review them all before Christmas. It’s hard to eat so many chocolates! Today I’m reviewing chocolates we bought before Christmas at Costco, the Swiss Delice Prestige Assorted Chocolates.

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Location in Store

The chocolates are located in the Christmas seasonal aisle at Costco. The item number is 321973.


The box of chocolates costs $11.99 Canadian at Costco which in my opinion is really reasonable for a box of 51 chocolates.


I tried all 12 different flavors of chocolates in the box and wrote a quick note on each ones taste!

1. Montnoir is smooth dark chocolate that tastes similar to the Truffettes De France Chocolate Truffles from Costco.

2. Mandolina has a very mild almond flavor, almost like plain chocolate with the slightest hint of almond.

3. Alicante is velvety milk chocolate with a hazelnut cream filling and nibbed almond, tastes similar to Ferrero Rocher.

4. Triangolo is milk chocolate with a hazelnut cream filling and nibbed hazelnuts, tastes like Ferrero Rocher but a little better.

5. Creme Brulee has a strong vanilla flavor with a bit of crunch from the caramel. It also has a little bit of a burnt flavor which is enjoyable.

6. Capri is very good with a toasted hazelnut flavor and a bit of crunchy texture.

7. Hazel Drop is velvety milk chocolate with a smooth hazelnut cream tilling.

8. Truffes Milk contains a smooth liquidy center that slightly resembles caramel. 

9. Reve Orange tastes like Terry’s chocolate orange. It’s pretty sweet.

10. Poesie is a smooth mix of white and dark chocolate.

11. Reve Orange tastes like Terry’s chocolate orange. It’s pretty sweet

12. Arabia has a really good, strong coffee flavor, the finest coffee filling in milk chocolate.


This box of chocolates makes a pretty cheap but decent gift! The best-before date listed on the chocolates is eight months from when I purchased them. Because they’re chocolates they should be stored in a cool, dry place!



In four chocolates there are 220 calories, 14 grams of fat, 21 grams of carbohydrates, one gram of fibre, 19 grams of sugar, two grams of protein and 20 milligrams of sodium.


The chocolates contain milk, almonds, hazelnuts, other tree nuts, eggs, and soy. There’s no denying that these chocolates aren’t healthy for you. The first ingredient is sugar and the fifth ingredient is palm oil.

Full list ingredients: Sugars (sugar, glucose syrup, glucose, liquid invert sugar), Cocoa butter, Cocoa mass, Whole milk powder, Palm oil, Almonds, Hazelnuts, Skim milk powder, Coconut oil, Butter fat (milk), Sunflower oil, Fat reduced cocoa powder, Cream powder, Lecithin, Cocoa powder, Cocoa nibs, Ground roasted coffee, Sorbitol syrup, Natural flavours, Glycerol, Corn semolina, Rice flour, Butter (milk), Buckwheat flour, Wholemeal rice flour, Sea salt, Lactic acid, Salt.
Contains: Milk, Almonds, Hazelnuts.
May contain: Other tree nuts, Eggs, Soy.


Give it a try.

These chocolates aren’t the most amazing chocolates but they’re surprisingly pretty tasty considering the price!

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