Costco Roasted Chicken Sandwich with Caesar Salad Review


Costco is selling a Roasted Chicken Sandwich with a Caesar Salad in the deli case and it is a pretty tasty meal!  This is one of the few ready to eat meals that are small enough to have for a lunch and it was nice to be able to grab a quick bite.

Location in Store

Costco’s Roasted Chicken Sandwich With Caesar Salad located in the prepared foods section. Item # 11444

Taste and Convenience

The sandwich has some very strong foundations as it comes with a big pile of sliced, roasted chicken breast served on a buttery croissant.  The sandwich is dressed with lettuce, tomato and provolone cheese which is a nice assortment of cool toppings.

The croissant is slightly crunchy, flaky and absolutely delicious.  I assume the croissants are the same ones from Costco’s bakery.  Seriously, you could put anything you wanted on of of these croissants and it would taste amazing.

The chicken is a little bland but that isn’t unexpected since it comes from slices of breast meat.

The blandness of the chicken is offset by the container of Dijon/Mayo dressing that comes with the meal.  I dipped my sandwich in the dressing between bites and it was awesome

The side Caesar Salad that comes with the meal is acceptable but uninteresting.  It was a a filling and flavorful side dish but nothing to get excited about.

The salad consists of romaine lettuce and parmesan cheese and comes with a lemon wedge, bag of croutons and a container of Caesar dressing.

This sandwich is not as tasty as Costco’s Asian Chicken Wraps but does make for a better lunch.

Is the Roasted Chicken Sandwich Healthy?

I have not been able to find the official nutritional information about this sandwich.

When the numbers do come out I suspect they won’t be pretty as they will need to include the Dijon/Mayo dressing as well as the Caesar dressing.  Both containers of dressing are quite large and will bring lots of fat and calories to the final numbers.

The croissant is listed in the bakery as having 320 calories so by the time you add in the chicken and cheese I am going to guess that the sandwich has 425 calories.  Of course, the more of the dressings you use the more the calorie count is going to go up.

The sandwich and salad combo is loaded with lean protein which, combined with the bulk of the salad, made it filling enough that I split it into two meals.

So, if you go light on the dressing and make two meals out of this combo then I think it is safe to call this a healthy option.

Is the Roasted Chicken Sandwich a Costco Value?

Let’s break this meal down and see where your money is going.

The meal costs $5.99 per pound which worked out to $11.02 for my sandwich combo.

The dressings and lemon wedge weighed a combined 9.2 ounces which means, at a cost of $5.99 per pound, I paid $3.44 for condiments.  The fact that 31% of the cost of the meal goes towards the condiments is not something I am excited about but, just like the Costco Shrimp Cocktail, this is where Costco makes money on the deal.

The croissants cost $0.50 each in the bakery when you buy them by the dozen.

This means I paid $7.57 for the chicken, toppings and side salad.

Bottom line, you are going to overpay a little because of the condiments but overall the meal is decently priced.

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