Costco Peeled Boiled Eggs Review


A find at a NSW Costco store has divided the internet, with many questioning the quality of the buy but others praising its convenience for those medical issues.

The wholesaler is selling the pre-prepared eggs in large 2.5kg cartons for under $10, but their expiry date is tomorrow.

The unusual item has proved divisive online, a fan of the product shared it to a budget shoppers group and was flooded with mixed opinions.

Costco alert. 2.5kg of hard boiled eggs. Save yourself time with having to boil and peel your eggs,’ the impressed Costco shopper said after he spotted the cheap buy.

The eggs are produced by Pace Farm in New South Wales, and the packaging outlines that they can be used in nine different ways.

Including, as a sandwich filling, garnishing, in a salad or to make dishes like scotch or curried eggs.

The Pace Farm product produced with a citric acid preservative to keep them fresh were set to expire on January 11, giving customers just several days to use the lot.

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