Burger King Is Dropping An International Chicken Sandwich Line In 2023


When you think Burger King, you probably don’t immediately think multiple kinds of chicken sandwiches. Chick-fil-A, maybe, sure, but not Burger King. Well, the 68-year-old chain is planning to change that this winter (per Burger King and Chew Boom). While Taste of Home named the fast food chicken sandwich as the sandwich of the decade for the 1960s, it wasn’t until 1978 that Burger King introduced the now long-standing menu item (per Encyclopedia).

The impetus to create the original sandwich was to attract adult audiences and compete with then-new kid on the block Wendy’s, as well as to bring in more traffic for the more adult-oriented dinner meal. Fish sandwiches, the antecedent to the modern Big Fish, steak sandwiches, and ham and cheese sandwiches were also introduced at the same time.

Today, the menu includes four chicken sandwich options, including the Chicken Jr., the Original Chicken Sandwich, the Italian Royal Crispy Chicken, and the Fiery Original Chicken Sandwich. So, what does BK have in store with this latest addition to the menu?

BK adds three new chicken sandwiches

Burger King will add three new chicken sandwiches to their already impressive lineup of beef-less options this winter (per Chew Boom). The new line will be permanently added to menus starting January 5. While 40% of fans agree that the Original Chicken Sandwich is the best sandwich available at Burger King, the brand is still looking to expand its options. And expand them it will with the new Mexican Original Chicken Sandwich, Italian Original Chicken Sandwich, and American Original Chicken Sandwich.

The Mexican Original Chicken sandwich showcases spicy yet creamy Mexican-style queso sauce and crunchy fried jalapenos on a sesame seed bun. All three new sandwiches feature the same long sesame seed buns as the classic Original Chicken Sandwich. The Italian Original Chicken Sandwich calls for the same breaded chicken patty as the other two topped with luscious layers of creamy mozzarella cheese and rich marinara sauce. The American Original Chicken Sandwich appears to be essentially what’s currently offered as the Original Chicken Sandwich (per Burger King). Both boast a lightly breaded patty with fresh, crunchy lettuce and tangy mayo.

Through heralded as a menu expansion, this may be more of a case of rebranding. While the American Original Chicken Sandwich appears to be no more than a renaming of the Original Chicken Sandwich, the Italian Original Chicken Sandwich is also strikingly similar to the Italian Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich, but twice as long and on a sesame seed bun (via Burger King). Only time will tell if the Italian Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich continues alongside the brand’s new Italian-themed offering.

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