8 Steakhouse Chains That Serve the Biggest Steaks


When you get a hankering for a juicy, mouthwatering steak that’s cooked to perfection, there’s no shortage of local restaurants and national steakhouse chains to indulge that craving. Of course, most of the time you will be perfectly sated after eating a petite filet mignon or an eight-ounce sirloin—and that’s always the healthiest route. But when you’re really hungry—or just curious to see just how big a steak can get—steakhouses offer some of the largest pieces of meat you’ll ever see.

In America—where a whopping 285 pounds of meat are consumed per person each year—you can rest assured some chains offer seriously gargantuan cuts. To make your restaurant choice easy the next time you’re ready to chow down, we’ve rounded up steakhouse chains known for serving massive steaks.

Fair warning, though. Some of these steaks are so big that it’d be near impossible to put one away by yourself. Accept the challenge, but don’t be afraid to split it with a friend or take home leftovers for round two.

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1. Smith & Wollensky 44-oz. Tomahawk Ribeye

Since its 1977 founding, Smith & Wollensky has expanded to five locations across the United States, including Las Vegas, Chicago, and Boston. The steakhouse is known for its classic menu, luxe ambiance, and a wide variety of cuts cooked to delicious perfection.

If you’re game to go big, order the 44-ounce black-grade American Wagyu steak. No doubt it’ll capture the attention of restaurant guests as it passes by them to get to your table. This shareable steak is carved tableside and comes with deliciously crispy beef-fat potatoes.

2. Ruth’s Chris Steak House 40-oz. Porterhouse

Even with over 100 locations across the U.S., Ruth’s Chris Steak House has managed to uphold a level of quality that instills trust in restaurant go-ers. The fine dining experience is perfect for special events, business meals, or “just because” moments that you want to make feel more special.

The restaurant’s USDA Prime porterhouse steak weighs in at a whopping 40 ounces and promises the richness of a strip with the juicy tenderness of a filet. You’ll often see 24-ounce porterhouses at steakhouses—often intended for two—so this 40-ounce shareable big boy is a special treat.

3. Fogo De Chão: 32-oz. Tomahawk Ribeye

The second you walk into Brazilian steakhouse Fogo de Chão you know you’ve landed somewhere special. The restaurant is particularly known for its churrasco experience, which involves a huge gourmet buffet and servers cutting various pieces of grilled meat tableside.

That said, you can still order menu items, and the restaurant’s 32-ounce tomahawk ribeye is a perfect choice for someone who wants to go big. At 1620 calories for the entire cut, it’s intended to be shared between as many as six people.

4. Morton’s 12-oz Center Cut Filet Mignon

The filet mignon, which literally translates to “small” or “cute” filet, is one of the smallest cuts of the entire cow. Generally, you’ll see cuts between six and eight ounces, so why are we including this on our list? Well, one that’s essentially double the average size is nothing to snuff at. Morton’s Steakhouse—which specializes in upscale, New American cuisine—offers both a traditional eight-ounce filet mignon alongside its much bigger 12-ounce option. It’s certainly a special occasion pick, and there’s still a chance you might not be able to finish it!

5. Mastro’s 40-oz. Wagyu Tomahawk

Mastro’s offers a robust selection of premium steaks and has become synonymous with luxurious fine dining. It’s particularly known for premium cuts—including its wagyu tomahawk chops, which are divinely velvety and marbled to perfection. The restaurant’s biggest indulgence is easily its 40-ounce wagyu tomahawk, which will cost you about $250, depending on which location you dine at.

6. Ocean Prime 20-oz New York Strip

Ocean Prime has 17 locations across the United States, and though it specializes in seafood it still has meat lovers feeling right at home. The New York strip is cut that’s perfect for someone who doesn’t want to go quite as big as a tomahawk or porterhouse, but still wants to treat themselves to a hearty meal. On average, a New York Strip weighs around eight to 12 ounces, so Ocean Prime’s 20-ounce option is impressive. As an aside, the restaurant also serves tomahawk ribeyes that weigh anywhere from 36 to 48 ounces.

7. The Palm 32-oz. Tomahawk Ribeye

For a classic, old-school steakhouse dining experience, head over to The Palm. The restaurant has 21 locations speckled across the country, most of which are located in the easternmost half of the United States. While some argue its best cut is the center-cut filet mignon, its giant 32-ounce tomahawk ribeye is the way to go if you waltz inside with a huge appetite.

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8. Fleming’s Prime 35-oz. Tomahawk Ribeye

We’ve got one more tomahawk ribeye to throw your way, this one from the fine dining establishment Fleming’s. The restaurant has a family-style approach to its meals, which allows restaurantgoers to try a wide range of delicious sides and apps. Its 35-ounce tomahawk steak is one of the biggest cuts you’ll find at chain steakhouse restaurants. You’ll definitely have leftovers if you aren’t sharing with one or two others.

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