Magnolia Bakery Menu With Prices (latest update)


World-Famous Banana Pudding

Magnolia Bakery insiders know that our banana pudding is unparalleled, thanks to the combination of fresh bananas, vanilla wafers, and fluffy vanilla pudding. From our classic version to seasonal specialties, we’ve got enough pudding options for everyone!

World-Famous Banana Pudding Variety MultipackStarting at $63.00
Classic Banana Pudding Party BowlStarting at $48.00
Classic Banana Pudding CupStarting at $4.95
Classic Banana Pudding MultipackStarting at $58.00
Red Velvet Banana Pudding CupStarting at $5.45
DIY Banana Pudding KitStarting at $30.00
Red Velvet Banana Pudding Party BowlStarting at $53.00
Gluten Free Banana Pudding Party BowlStarting at $53.00
Gluten Free Banana Pudding MultipackStarting at $63.00
Cold Brew Banana Pudding Party BowlStarting at $53.00
Cold Brew Banana Pudding MultipackStarting at $63.00


Don’t get caught with an empty cookie jar. Our selection of small-batch-baked cookies has something for everyone, from chocolate chunk to confetti.

Banana Pudding CookiesStarting at $22.20
Red Velvet Banana Pudding CookiesStarting at $22.20
Cookie AssortmentStarting at $45.00
Chocolate Chunk CookiesStarting at $18.00


The cupcakes that made Magnolia Bakery famous around the world. Adorned with our signature buttercream swirl, each of our cupcakes is made from scratch using the finest ingredients.

Birthday CupcakesStarting at $24.90
The Carrie CupcakesStarting at $24.90
Red Velvet CupcakesStarting at $24.90
Flower CupcakesStarting at $35.70
Confetti Cupcake AssortmentStarting at $24.90
Classic Mini Cupcake AssortmentStarting at $22.00
Classic Vanilla Mini CupcakesStarting at $22.00
Classic Chocolate Mini CupcakesStarting at $22.00
Classic Vanilla CupcakesStarting at $24.90
Classic Chocolate CupcakesStarting at $24.90
Classic Cupcake AssortmentStarting at $24.90
I “CC” New York CupcakeStarting at $24.90
Rose CupcakesStarting at $35.70
Little Bits of Love Mini Cupcake AssortmentStarting at $24.00
Valentine’s Cupcake AssortmentStarting at $24.90
Candy Store Mini Cupcake AssortmentStarting at $45.00
Chocolate Lovers’ Cupcake AssortmentStarting at $58.00

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