10 Best Subway Salads, Ranked


Subway is famous for its fresh subs but it also serves a range of tasty and healthy salads for its health-conscious customers. 

Subway is a world-renowned and recognized name in the fast-food industry. The brand is known for its submarine subs, wraps, salads, and beverages. 

It was founded to cater to the health-conscious demographic that demanded a nutritious alternative to fried food that also tastes great — and if you are here for their salads, then we have just the guide for you!

Subway offers high-quality and nutritious salads that combine interesting sauces and the freshest ingredients possible for a mouthwatering texture and flavor. 

1. Italian B.M.T. Salad

Italian B.M.T. salad is one the best and fan favorite subway salad that have the perfect combination of ham and vegetables.

Subway Italian B.M.T. salad made of Black Forest ham, Crisp greens topped, spicy pepperoni, and various veggies.

Italian B.M.T. items at Subway already popular with their fans. The taste of Italian B.M.T. salad is great, even better for those who love Black Forest ham.

A Subway Italian B.M.T. Salad contains 230 calories, 15 grams of fat and 12 grams of carbohydrates.

2. Tuna Salad

At Subway, Tuna is a special cuisine because Subway has Tuna salad, Tana sandwich and more Tune items on the menu.

Subway tuna tastes delicious, and also Subway mixes Tuna with mayo to serve on the salad.

Nothing special on Subway Tuna salad; it just comes with a big bowl of veggies and Tuna.

Subway also claims the Tuna that they use on Tuna Salad is a wild-caught tuna.

3. Chicken & Bacon Ranch Salad

Chicken & Bacon Ranch salad is the healthiest and most delicious salad among Subway chicken salads.

Subway also uses Monterey Cheddar Cheese on Chicken & Bacon Ranch salad; that flavor makes this salad more mouth-watering.

Subway Chicken & Bacon Ranch salad bowl has Hickory-Smoked Bacon, Rotisserie-Style Chicken, and Subway special Monterey Cheddar Cheese.

But, you better know that Subway Chicken & Bacon Ranch salad is a little high in calories so check your calorie deficit of yours before ordering.

4. Black Forest Ham Salad

Subway Black Forest Ham salad features nothing more than many Black Ham slices on the vegetables.

On Black Forest Ham salad, you are going to find more lettuce and also a bowl of fresh veggies.

We recommend Black Forest Ham salad for everybody, especially if you are on a diet, because the whole bowl of salad has only 120 calories.

5. Sweet Onion Steak Teriyaki Salad

Do not be confused because Subway has both Sweet Onion Steak Teriyaki Salad and sauce.

Subway Sweet Onion Steak Teriyaki Salad made of spinach, American cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, lettuce and Sweet Onion Steak Teriyaki on the top.

Considering the price of Sweet Onion Steak Teriyaki Salad and its quantity, it is a good, budget-friendly, and healthy Subway salad.

Sweet Onion Steak Teriyaki Salad is low in fat but high in protein; that’s why it’s a good salad option for anybody.

6. Roast Beef Salad

You are going to find Subway new Angus Roast Beef on Roast Beef salad.

We taste Roast Beef salad with no worries about calories because this salad has only 150 calories.

So, even if you are on a weight loss diet, you can also meet your hunger with Subway Roast Beef salad.

7. Cold Cut Combo Salad

Subway Cold Cut Combo salad made of ham, salami and bologna and all of the crispy vegetables.

On Cold Cut Combo salad, salami, ham, and bologna are toasted together to make it a little crisp.

Cold Cut Combo salad is a unique salad item that you only find on Subway salad menu.

Subway Cold Cut Combo salad is very low on calories and fat; it is also low in carbohydrates for veggies.

8. Meatball Marinara Salad

This one is for all the meat lovers out there! 

Subway’s Meatball Marinara Salad has consistently been one of the best-tasting salads by the brand. It includes delicious meatballs drenched in a tasty marinara sauce with a range of veggies.

This combination of ingredients exceeds the boundaries of a salad and offers an experience that is akin to a complete meal!

We love the contrasting flavors and textures in this salad, and thanks to the marinara sauce, you might not even need to add more condiments to improve the flavor of the salad either

9. Buffalo Chicken Salad

Love buffalo sauce? Then you are going to gobble up this delicious buffalo chicken salad!

The Buffalo Chicken Salad contains an assortment of roasted cubed chicken (or fillet) with a range of umami-laden veggies like tomatoes and onions. It also contains crunchy leafy greens to add a healthy balance of nutrition and flavor!

But what truly sets this salad apart from the others is its topping of delicious Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Sauce, which adds a whole new dimension of flavor to the salad.

It’s spicy, tangy, and sweet – and it is easily one of the best salads to order if you want to hit your daily macros.

10. Subway Club Salad

Made with freshly roasted turkey, black forest ham, and Angus roast beef, this is probably one of the tastiest and healthiest salads on this list.

The Subway Club Salad has been around for a long time and has been a core part of the brand’s menu — and that’s not surprising, considering that it is one of the most-ordered and popular salad options offered by the company!

We think that this salad will attract every type of foodie.

It is perfect for health-conscious folks thanks to its balance of meat and veggies — it also speaks to the typical foodie with its interesting combination of marinated meat and condiments!

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